Freddy C. Schwaneberg


David Diéguez


Roger C. Schwaneberg

Cinematographic Director

Ruben C. Schwaneberg

Art Director

Vanessa Diéguez


Our mission

We, the five founders of Kotoc, are very different, but we have one thing in common: we spent our childhood years watching and looking up to what, for us, was the greatest art (and probably still is): creating stories. It taught us to stray away from instant gratification, and to fight, overcoming ourselves, to reach our goals. We were born before the internet era, and we are now living in the midst of the technological revolution. Society is changing, and fast. As we grew up we realized we wanted to give the future generations the same desire and passion of fighting for their dreams that we had. That has become our life moto and that is what we want to achieve every single day, with every idea, every project, and every story.